Creating a Bug-Free Kitchen

A thousand-strong army of cockroaches, a gang of rats and even a kingdom of termites may secretly be living the good life in your home and kitchen. The Entomological Society of America estimates that there are approximately ten quintillion bugs in the world which mean there are at least a billion bugs per person. Imagine yourself living with a billion of these things.

With the bugs’ exceptional survival skills, paired with their incomprehensible reproductive abilities, working towards a bug-free environment feels like fighting barehanded with a tiger with wings, an enemy with a doubled power.

For so long, restaurant owners have been wrestling with the growing problem of bug and pest control. No restaurant may completely be bug proof since these crawly creatures can enter and live anywhere.

So how does one achieve a bug-free kitchen?

  1.    Close the Cracks

One “fun” fact about rats – they can squeeze through a 6mm hole (the size of a pea). Always check for every opening in the house. Insignificant cracks and holes can become portals of doom for you. Have it sealed and covered. Reinforcing your walls also gives an advantage to you, since it would be harder for these bugs to enter. Consider using concrete, rather than wood since it has a longer lifespan and does not easily crack. Check your vents and try putting anti-insect dampers or traps in them.

  1.    Clean the Clutter

A dirty home is a paradise for bugs and rodents. Leftovers and peels are the bread and butter for cockroaches and rats. Starving them can be one of the efficient ways to eliminate them. As survivalists, pests choose places where they can feed efficiently. Another man’s garbage is another man’s treasure, in this case, our garbage is a bug’s treasure. Spoiled food, rotten wastes, biodegradable chemicals and even dead branches or wood are just some of these bugs’ treasures. Be sure always to keep your home and kitchen garbage free.

  1.    Whip Out The Water

One of the essentials in rodent and pest reproduction is the presence of water. These pests are reported to always migrate during the summer heat to places with perpetual moist. Rats, cockroaches, and millipedes in particular love the stagnant water of our sinks and bathrooms. Mosquitoes love stagnant water collected in good tires and cans. Always check for any leakages on your pipes and stagnant water that has gathered in your surroundings. You may not only save your food but may save your life!

Always find solutions to bug proof your house and kitchen. There is no ‘going too far’ with pest control and bug proofing. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice and action in dealing with these little monsters. You may never know, the life you may save this time may be your own!

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