Ridding Out That Rodent: The Whys

As a kid, we’ve been struck with the cuteness of Jerry the Mouse and Ratatouille or captivated by the awesomeness of Master Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. These fictional characters all have a space in our child’s hearts. However, our non-fictional rats are nowhere as close as friendly, cute and excellent and can sometimes be downright disgusting, scary and even deadly!

Black Death – an iconic phrase which stuck the world in terror during the Middle Ages also known as the Bubonic Plague. With painful symptoms of included swellings in some areas of the body and coughing up blood. The pandemic spread in Western Europe around 1347 until the 1350s and is considered the worst catastrophe in human history is killing around 50 million people.

The scariest part about this disease is not the symptoms but its spread. Bites from infected flee, and millions of migrating rats served as its doorway of invasion to the world. Some of the most dangerous sicknesses that rats spread out are:

  1.    Hantavirus – a disease often mistaken as the flu which then escalates to difficulty in breathing and can be fatal if not given medical attention. It is spread through inhalation of air from the droppings and urine of rice rats.
  2.    Leptospirosis – usually rampant during floods when coming in contact with the infected water and can be transmitted by the skin. It is also spread through contaminated drinking water.
  3.    Rat Bite Fever – a disease communicated through bites from the infected rat, or coming in contact with a dead one. A deadly fever that could be fatal without proper medical attention; in 2013, a trial was held against PETCO by the parents of 10-year old Aiden Pankey who died of Rat Bite Fever from playing with a rat that was brought by his grandmom.
  4.    Salmonellosis – the bread and butter of food poisoning caused by Salmonella bacteria. Transmitted through animals, mainly rodents through contaminated food with symptoms of vomiting and extreme stomach ache and can be fatal in some cases.

Aside from the list, hundreds of diseases are indirectly transmitted by rats such as the Colorado Tick fever and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.

The rat has always been a key player for most diseases today. That is why getting rid of them can save not only your business but also your family and future. As they have said, “Health is Wealth,” and to preserve that property of yours, you have to rid of these unwanted visitors at your doorstep.

Always take the chance to free your life, your business, and your family from any attacks of these secret agents of the disease who are always lurking in the shadows. Inspections that follow the necessary guidelines always gives you the assurance that you need. Trained professionals can help you in the termination and the prevention of any invasion of these unwelcomed visitors.

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